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Founders Les and Lesley Waugh started the business over 40 years ago.

Honesty and supplying exceptionally high quality Highland venison has always been at the heart of the business and still is today.

Our butchery is carried out in-house by our team of skilled butchers who combine tradition with technology to produce the finest meat to the exceptional standard customers deserve, and expect, from Ardgay Game.

We value our suppliers; we treasure our customers; we look after the people who work for us. Join our journey in supporting the environment while enjoying a deliciously sustainable meat.


Less fat than a skinless chicken, brimming with zinc, B vitamins and omega 3 essential fatty acids. Venison is recommended as part of a low-fat diet.


Just what nature provides. The carbon footprint of venison is 38% lower than beef and 49% lower than lamb. By eating wild Scottish venison, you are supporting the conservation of the Highlands.


The highest wild venison accreditation possible SALSA accredited and SQWV assured. By choosing Ardgay Game you can guarantee that all venison has been procured and handled to the highest standards at every step from ‘hill to plate’.


Our Meat & It's Story

Wild Scottish deer live off nature’s organic garden; the Scottish lichen, heathers and mosses are what give it its unique flavoursome taste. We call it a happy meat. It’s not bred to be transported; it lives off its natural environment, roaming free in the Scottish Highlands. This freedom is what makes the meat ultimately so clean and pure.

Deer are synonymous with the Highlands, they’ve been a natural food source here for centuries. They have a significant ecological role as the largest undomesticated grazers. To keep the population healthy, and the number of deer in balance with their habitat, the Estates we work with manage these populations to provide this iconic meat.

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